Box-Set-CoverThe Coven’s Grove Chronicles Boxed Set

Building friendships isn’t easy…building a coven is even harder. The Coven’s Grove Chronicles is a saga about the gathering of thirteen women who possess extraordinary powers. Witches all, they must come together in a sisterhood that will nurture and protect them. The secrets of the arcane will be unlocked for each, if they survive long enough to learn. Join them on their journeys of discovery and hardship, and of course, to meet the dashing men they find along the way. The first three books of the Coven’s Grove Chronicles, Alix, Hannah, and Cassie have been wrapped up into one boxed set for your enjoyment and convenience. Be sure to check out the other books in the series!

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Book 1 – Alix
I loved it. Great story, great characters who are believable. This is going to turn into one fine series! I like how the romance didn’t overtake the book but blended in with the storyline. The baddies are scary and I wouldn’t want those coming after me.
Book 2 – Hannah
An intense page turning read! Book two continues the story of Coven’s Grove through Hannah’s story. Hannah who you could call a green witch meets her guardian who happens to be an eco-activist, or is he? The book feels like it has two parts the first being very much about the love story of Hannah and Dominic. The second part brings us back to the danger the coven faces that involves them all. They have to fight to protect what is theirs and the people they care about. It side steps a bit from the story arc that was started in book one but I didn’t mind that at all. You can get bogged down too easily with main story arcs. There’s a strong eco message with this book which works brilliantly with the character of Hannah and is not out of place. A well paced book with strong believable characters. Another great read from Virginia
Book 3 – Cassie
Oh my goodness! Crazy Action Packed superhero type shenanigans! That was intense, wonderful, touching and endearing! Fantastic book. This one blew the benchmark for this series out of the water! I think the full gamut of emotions were visited in this book. I feel like I’ve been on a roller-coaster with this story. The evil witch hunters really showed their malevolence in this one and that they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. You really need to read this if you enjoy PNR/witch/urban fantasy books it’ll appeal to all fans of paranormal/supernatural books! Awesome!
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